Singularity is the creative communication agency that shines a light on what makes you special. Different. Singular.

Our creatives, strategists, analysts and designers illuminate then innovate then captivate. Convincing consumers that yours is the only brand that matters.

We assemble talented teams of handpicked, life-lived professionals for each specific project. Experience is key.

Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. .
Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. Experience is key. .

If you would like your brand to grow through collaboration, discovery and smiles, this is us:

We don't talk and talk and talk about integrating women; most of us here are women. accordion-plus accordion-minus

At Singularity we value talent above all. Everybody’s talent. Ours is a team of inspired individuals with a wide range of advertising backgrounds working as one. Both men and women are committed to an equitable workplace. Brands have also re-positioned themselves in this brave new world. And through Singularity, many more will join them as they seek agile campaigns that reflect their consumers' social, political and environmental concerns. 

We celebrate these changes, proud of the talented, egalitarian teams we assemble to take on such work. Now we look forward to the day when all agencies will have stopped talking about the need for greater female integration. Because we'll have got there already. Together.

We don't debate workers benefits, we’re the workers sharing those benefits. accordion-plus accordion-minus

'No Gangboss, no!' The Clash once sang. Loudly. We heard. We heeded. Singularity was born with two objectives: to provide innovative, engaging communications for our clients, and to build an agency that is a great company to work at. For all. The antithesis of what many envision when thinking of a large, competitive advertising company. We achieved both. 

Singularity is a dream come true. We are a team with many years under each belt. With this age and experience comes a truck-load of hindsight. All of us have been doing this long enough to know what works well and what to leave behind. This is how we have created a space in which each person can thrive. Thrive as an individual with different needs, goals, tastes and talents but work together as one in an atmosphere that is open, supportive, friendly and positive. It may sound like pie in the sky utopia but we thought we should at least try. An egalitarian workplace is what we dreamt of. 

Working in this space today, one full of optimism and creative energy, we know that we made the right choices. Singularity is everything we hoped a fun, collaborative, stimulating agency could be.

We're not riding the environment trend, we're future-proofing your friends and families. accordion-plus accordion-minus

The bright side. That's where we focused our spotlight. That's what we want you to look on. Always. If there is one thing that defines us at Singularity, it is optimism. With imagination we believe that anything is possible. Influencing behaviour and changing habits will ensure a stable future for those we care about. We're not following a fashionable trend to make ourselves look good. Ecomania - not ego. Its about choosing change for all. Committing to change for all.

If creative professionals worldwide utilise their curiosity, concern, adaptability and problem-solving vision to transform public thinking, we can reduce global heating. A future that tackles the climate emergency head-on is one that benefits from a strengthened economy, business reinvention and the creation of new jobs. 

We know it is not easy to move mountains, even after their snowcaps have melted, but we are not scared of hard work. Singularity is at the service of all companies and institutions eager to use innovative communication to change minds. And protect lives.

We aren't just socially aware, we work to ‘create’ a world that's fair. accordion-plus accordion-minus

'N GO. More and more people want to live socially aware lives today, but for us that's not enough. Sometimes it's about the get up 'n go. Deeds not words. Action above reaction. Here at Singularity 'do-gooders' is not a negative label. We like making things happen. And when those things have a positive effect on others, we are even happier. This is why we have created a department dedicated to social impact projects led by a skilled team with years of experience in this field. We have the critical thinkers to navigate that maze of 21st century social challenges. Where others see cul-de-sacs we find a way out.

If you have a project targeting social goals within your company or out in the wider world, please contact us. We would love to help you develop life-enhancing strategy or implement life-saving actions.

If you're hoping to hang with Stirlings and Drapers… accordion-plus accordion-minus won't like this place at all. We're not red-blooded, self-serving or supercool. Just a group of imaginative, friendly people hoping to make a difference.

As a welcoming, forward-thinking, socially engaged agency, we are keen to work with like-minded companies that wish to make their great brand even better. Contact us.

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