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Brands do care

Communicating social values

Brands are more than just a logo or a product, brands are also the reflection of the people working behind them. These people are individuals with ideals and values, and the brand they work for should portray this to the world. A brand that cares, is the brand that shares.

At Singularity we reflect the ethical side of our clients, sharing their philosophy with the world.

The beauty of music would not exist without enjoyment, of listeners or performers. That’s why we helped Hispania Conciertos team up with Voces Musica, an organisation that teaches music to children in vulnerable situations, This time for a very special occasion. We brought to their school the great Shkelzen Doli, lead violin of Philharmonic Ensemble Vienna. The world renowned soloist gave the children a masterclass just days before performing in front of thousands in Barcelona and Girona.

This was the chance of a lifetime for children living lives a million miles from the cultured heights of Viennese classical music. Confidence, curiosity, dedication, for a short while a whole new world was opened up to the children. But the benefits were not all theirs, the concert team and Mr. Doli himself, all loved the engagement with wide-eyed children responding to beautiful music.

National TV channel Televisión Española showed the whole country this inspiring masterclass in a prime-time news report. Viewers learnt that the Hispania Conciertos team cares, the Philharmonic Ensemble Vienna cares, and given the opportunity to show it, each child in that room cares.

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