ArtLet’s laught it out

Let’s laught it out

Creating a spot after rough times

If life gives you lemons but no sugar, lemonade isn’t in the making.
And if the entire world is given lemons, that’s a lot of sour-faced
people living lives lacking sweetness. The Covid-19 pandemic has been
hard for everybody, but we knew the time would come for us to start
doing the things that had been taken away from us. The things we love.

This is how we conceptualised a comeback spot for Muerde la Pasta.

After almost two years, the restaurant chain Muerde la Pasta reopened
its signature Free Buffet. For many hungry months, due to COVID-19
restrictions, customers were unable to serve their own food.

To celebrate the return of the beloved buffet just before Christmas,
we reminded the customers what they love the most about Muerde la
Pasta: the opportunity to eat large quantities of their favourite
dishes non-stop. To be together standing at the buffet helping
themselves to delicious food. To be together sitting at the table
eating, chatting, laughing. To be together being…together.

A wry sense of humour was our driver when conceptualising the spot.
Only humour could have pulled us through such gloomy times. This is
why we jokingly addressed the endless eating that customers had missed
so much. This wasn’t the time or place for health concerns or money
worries. It was all about fun, family, food and festivities. For the
viewer, the real Muerde La Pasta was back. Christmas had come early. 

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