StrategyNo one knows you better than you

No one knows you better than you

Internal research to define a company

It’s time for some introspection. Who are you? Where are you? Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve?

No, this is not awkward therapy for business. Far from it. The team at Singularity knows how to define a company. From Mission to Vision to Values, we create bespoke research programmes to reveal what your own team thinks of your company, what their hopes are for your brand and what their aspirations are for the future.

The goal is to create a Brand Statement for internal and external use, to guide everyone within the company. A guide that helps a team present their brand to the world – across all market sectors, in any situation.

To define how we want a brand to be perceived from the outside, first we need to know how it is perceived on the inside. Relying on the workers’ or company members’ knowledge and experience is a great way to build a brand’s image. 

Our research methodologies create hundreds of responses, providing valuable data for us to work with.

Collating and deconstructing so many responses is not an easy task. But our experienced team knows how to gather and analyse productively. We are also skilled in presenting information with clarity and purpose, turning it into effective, inspirational statements for use across the company.

Through online or in-person workshops alongside supplementary research methodologies, Singularity creates specifically tailored programmes for individual companies.

When assisting our client COMET, we used these methods to create a concise, effective Brand Statement encapsulating everything their brand stands for. COMET is one of the biggest bike parts distributors in Europe, but at that time, one in need of a new brand image and identity. In order to build these, we decided to ask the company’s workers for advice. 

Our plan was to profit from their expertise, and, at the same time, make their voices heard and acknowledged.

At COMET we involved company team members across many borders. From different departments. At different levels. In different countries. Our process acts as a tangible unifier as team members come together knowing this is an opportunity for their voices to be heard. For their opinions to matter. Views from Holland, from France, from Spain – all were equally relevant.

We achieved this by conducting an online group workshop in which team members simultaneously exchanged ideas and opinions about the company. In parallel, we conducted tailored research to generate individually sourced data from the same company workers. The combination of these approaches provided hundreds of answers – and a wealth of valuable insider information from within the heart of COMET.

With all the data collated, we were able to craft a new Brand Identity and image for COMET to share with the world, all thanks to their own knowledge and expertise.

Their thoughts. Our words. A brand statement for all.

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