WebFitting the right mould

Fitting the right mould

The importance of adapting content to its media and target.

In order to stand out, sometimes we must first fit in. Keywords, sizes, maximum and minimum characters – adhering to all the promoted content requirements is an effort worth making.

When launching the Scentmate aroma platform, we climbed to the top of Google’s results page thanks to great search engine optimisation (SEO).  But, more importantly, we started promoting the brand on every social media platform, subtly chasing our customers rather than waiting for them to find us. 

To achieve this rise, we had to focus on two distinct requirements. The first was the framework imposed by the platforms. Each social media choice offers a wide range of promoted content formats, such as banners, promoted posts and stories, dynamic ads, or inmails. The second requirement being the parameters imposed by our target audience and their location. Formats did not perform equally in every country, so we kept tracking our content, and optimising it according to incoming results.

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