IdentityWho said simple was easy?

Who said simple was easy?

Innovation, design ideation and new website design (UX)

ACEDE asked us to create a new web page. Easy to use, clean design, accessible concepts for all audiences. ACEDE services quickly defined. These were the goals.

ACEDE is a non-profit organisation dedicated to implementing innovation and exploring the domestic sector. Working in collaboration with the industry market, it develops solutions, systems and components for the home.


The cluster is part of the innovation ecosystem of the MONDRAGON Corporation. The challenge was to convey the essence of ACEDE in a simple, strikingly visual way. Explain what ACEDE does and make browsing through the web intuitive and easy.

The first step was to make an analysis of the users and their needs, then proceed to structure the content according to these results.

Once this was done, we simplified and re-ordered services with the average user in mind. Foreign or distant terms became accessible, now structured in an easy-to-consume way.

A lean structure was advocated where there were well-defined sections and an easy-to-use menu that served as a guide throughout the entire navigation. A philosophy of less is more. ACEDE specialises in numerous activities. We understood the importance of limiting information. Relevance. Relating on a need-to-know basis through an aesthetic of quality, sobriety and efficiency. For example, every service would be under the Xplora section, which would act as an umbrella for all cluster activities and services.

Simple sight on a simpler site. See it and believe!

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