IdentityTime for the big entrance

Time for the big entrance

How we successfully reintroduced a brand to the market.

Picture your high school reunion. It’s been many years since everyone saw each other. This is not a Cinderella story. You were never the unpopular one. No struggle in the beauty department. Or brains. It’s just that, since graduation you’ve grown taller. And you’ve been a regular gym-goer for a while. You’re a stronger, more confident version of yourself, and on a road to greater success. You had a plan. You executed it. Now it’s time for the big entrance. To reintroduce yourself to those who thought they already knew you. And the wider world out there.

That’s precisely what happened to COMET, a bike parts company that was about to take the cycling market by storm with its new rebranding. Unstoppable. That was its new claim, and fresh motivation.


To consolidate position, and develop within the market, we made sure COMET was everywhere it needed to be. Striking, vibrant graphic pieces and banners were inserted in the top magazines of the sector, including BikeEco and Tradebike, both in their online and printed formats. These are respected publications read by many across the cycling world.

This was already a well-known and popular cycling brand, and by reintroducing it in all the right places, the spotlight quickly refocused, and this time stayed on COMET. 

Like your illuminated last dance with the prom queen at the reunion, the brand played on.​

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