CampaignsIs an image really worth a thousand words?

Is an image really worth a thousand words?

Crafting the perfect flyer

“There is a Paganini Concert”

How effective could a flyer be with this text? And how beautiful?

When creating a visual piece, we take into account both its text and the design itself. It is these elements combined that interact, collaborate to create the magic. The head-turning attraction. This is how we create the perfect flyer or poster.

Many legends surround the figure and talent of Paganini. Because of his great compositions and impossible technique, many speculated he had sold his soul to the devil to play that well. Hispania Conciertos brought Paganini Ensemble Vienna to the great Auditorio Nacional de Música in Madrid and Auditorio de Burgos. This was a great opportunity to create something as striking as the Italian composer.

The Singularity team designed a bold, eye-catching poster of inspiring copy and ideal font that was also adapted into several other formats including banners, flyers, and social media content.

Our goal was to portray the essence of the key elements of the concert-  the legendary trailblazer Paganini and the greatness of the musicians who can bring him back to life today. To seal this we relied on the mysticism of the legend, fused with a sober yet eye-catching design and direct but challenging main copy. We dared the public to attempt something impossible. To attend an impossible event. And to witness an impossible display of talent.

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