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Music on the road

How important is the visual appeal?

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Seconds. That’s all it takes. Then it’s gone. Moving traffic. Whether we like it or not, people only spare a few seconds of their attention to focus on ads before scrolling down, tapping skip, or looking away. We have to make the best of these seconds, especially when the focus is not on a hand held device but a passing vehicle.

There is no better way to grab attention than through visually appealing content. 

There is no better way to grab attention than through visually appealing content. 

And we created some for this very special occasion.

The iconic New Year’s concert takes place on the first day of each new year Vienna, interpreted by the world renowned Wiener Philharmoniker. But in 2021 Barcelona and Girona hosted a taster premiere of the big event. Brought to us by Hispania Conciertos, these Spanish cities welcomed Philharmonic Ensemble Vienna, a group made up of musicians from the Vienna concert performers.

We needed to create a visual concept to be applied in many promotional formats.

An elegant and stimulating design that was applied in all our pieces.

From flyers and social media posts, to banners and TV spots, ready to catch any passing eye. But, in addition to these conventional formats, we created something even more special. 

For two days, our “Nit Vienesa” bus, decorated with our campaign design, toured both Barcelona and Girona letting all locals know that a new band was in town. A 12 metre mobile advertising hoarding, enveloped in our designs, announcing a music hall enveloped in beautiful music. The message was spread far and wide. From 5 seconds on the streets of Gràcia, to two hours in the balconies of the symphony hall, a message that everyone is welcome at a Hispania concert.

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