CampaignsKeeping all eyes on you year after year after year

Keeping all eyes on you year after year after year

Festival comms at the top of the world.

2023 saw the return of one of the world’s most cherished filmmakers to the director’s chair.
Aki Kaurismaki released his first film in 7 years, winning the Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize
in the process. 2023 is also the year that Singularity began working with Karurismaki’s world
famous Midnight Sun Film Festival (MSFF), which takes place every midsummer in the
Arctic Circle.

A festival where the sun does not set and projectors turn around the clock, it attracts respected filmmakers onto its guest panel and film-lovers from far and wide into its packed cinema audiences.

MSFF has a specialist but inclusive cine heritage that must form the heart of any marketing approach. From festival leaflet design to cinema screen backdrops for on-stage interviews, Facebook cover photos to Instagram artwork to full page print advertising for wider film sector publication, we created a variety of pieces built around vintage film iconography and classic movie star imagery.

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