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Right place, write time.

Hitting the target in specialised media

You’ve identified your target. Why fire a cannonball at it when a single arrow would do?

Although reach through mainstream media can introduce brands to a large audience, sometimes it is also necessary to be present on more specialised media. This means fewer, but far more valuable people will be reached. It can be nice in niche.

When promoting Hispania Conciertos’ Paganini Ensemble Vienna concert, we wanted to spread the word among devoted live music lovers and classical connoisseurs who wouldn’t want to miss such an opportunity.

This is why we headed straight for the pages of two of the most renowned music magazines in Spain.

Our enticing article about the upcoming concert appeared in both Platea Magazine and Doce Notas. 

Every published word did its job in attracting music fans away from their home sound systems and into the seats of beautiful auditoria filled with the sounds of pulsating Paganini. Perfect trajectory. The arrow hit the bullseye – a happy audience advised by its trusted, specialised media outlet.

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