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Making your brand go personal

The best way to introduce yourself to your clients.

Swamped. A blizzard of data. That never-ending ocean of information. It just keeps coming, a stream of marketing that fights for our attention. In the face of this, one of the greatest challenges a brand confronts is relevance. Achieving it and maintaining it.

Becoming relevant, memorable in a world saturated with mass-produced content, this is the goal. To connect in times that feel insincere and impersonal. 

Scentmate is an AI-driven platform allowing mid to small-sized companies to create their own custom fragrance for the scenting of their products.  To cut through the noise we created a personalised experience for 100 Key Opinion Leaders to promote the launch of Scentmate.

We conduced an extended research to each one of the opinion leaders: a series of questions related to their personality within the work environment. Once in possession of their answers, we used the personality data to fit the opinion leaders into one of eight scent characteristic families, such as ‘Floral Frontrunner’ and ‘Woody Wisdom.’

We crafted a personalised, aromatic gift with a different scent for each group along with a naming and description, and sent them to the KOL’s.

Alongside their special gift, they received a brief description of their assigned fragrance. A QR code led them to a landing page where they could find out more about Scentmate, the fragrance families, and all their applications on cosmetics, perfumes, and other products. 

This is how 100 special people got to know Scentmate; through the aroma of a gift custom-made with a personal touch. Unique scent that means something to the individual, while at the same time standing out to many followers in a crowded marketplace.

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